Medication & Dosage

Pharmacotherapy Treatments: Tobacco Cessation Medication Classification & Dosages

It’s true that nicotine replacements have been shown to be safe for use by adolescents, but there’s very little evidence to show that these, as well as Buproprion SR are of any use in helping adolescent smokers quit. Therefore, they’re not recommended as a component in adolescent smokers’ cessation methods.

Behavioral therapy is always a first-line intervention with pregnant women who smoke.

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Utah Tobacco Quit Line (1.800.Quit.Now)

Non-pharmacologic intervention is most preferred in pregnancy. Utah’s Quit Line has special resources for women who are pregnant, including five free customized counseling sessions, interpretation provided for any non-English languages, timing to support cessation in pregnancy and post-partum support.

Online Coaching

Online coaching is a free internet based service that will help the woman through the quitting process. Tools include quit tips, answers to frequently asked questions, and interaction with quitting experts.

All smokers with psychiatric disorders, including substance use disorders, should be offered tobacco dependence treatment. However, clinicians may wish to offer the tobacco dependence treatment when psychiatric symptoms are not severe. Treating tobacco dependence in individuals with psychiatric disorders is made more complex by the potential for multiple psychiatric diagnoses and multiple psychiatric medications. Clinicians should closely monitor the level or effects of psychiatric medications in smokers making a quit attempt.