Help Someone Quit

Tobacco Affects Everyone

Tobacco affects more than the user; it affects everyone around them. Find ways to support your loved one’s quit attempts here. Quitting is hard, so be patient. Remember, it takes most quitters more than one try to quit successfully. Check out the tips below to learn more.

How To Help Quit

Quitting Has To Be Their Choice

Do you have a tobacco user in your life? Quitting has to be their choice. The good news is you can help. Here are some tips and suggestions on how support them. You can help a loved one quit tobacco, but you can’t make them quit. Quitting is a major life change involving habits, routines and coping with withdrawal. It has to be their choice.

Top 5 Help Tips

Don't Nag Or Lecture

Nagging and lecturing don’t help, often it can put you on the bad side of your friend or family member.

Reward Milestones

Recognize your quitter at important milestones, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month with a card, treat, or outing.

Respect Space

Quitting is hard, don’t take their bad mood personally. Be there for them but recognize that they don’t need you checking in all the time.


Slips will happen, don’t be too hard on your quitter if they slip. Help them identify what caused the slip and make plans for their next attempt.


Develop a list of activities that will help them manage their cravings and distract them with smoke-free activities.

Brooke and McKenna

Brooke and McKenna share their experiences watching their co-worker and husband quit.

What Type Of Supporter Are You?

Get tips to support your quitter based on the type of supporter you are

Help Stay Tobacco Free

An Adjustment For Everyone

Helping loved ones stay tobacco free can include changes in your life as well.

Quitting tobacco is hard, but staying quit can be just as hard. If you’re helping someone stay tobacco-free, check out the information on Cravings and Triggers.

Helping them avoid triggers will help them stay quit. This could mean spending time with different friends, not going to your usual hang outs, or changing where you drink your morning coffee. Even driving in the car can be a trigger. Helping a loved one stay quit will be an adjustment for both of you, but your support can make all the difference.

Help Overcome Relapse

Don't Get Discouraged

Relapse happens. Don’t get discouraged, and don’t look at it as failure.

Very, very few people quit on their first try. Most quitters make multiple attempts before they quit for good. As a supporter, it’s important to not view a relapse as a failure. Instead, think of it as your loved one “learning to quit.”

Be there for them. Don’t be too hard on them. When they’re ready to try again, help them identify their triggers and make a plan to avoid them next time. This process can require lots of patience, but don’t get discouraged. Your help is so important. You can find support and ask other quitters questions on our Facebook page.

While quitting can be hard, there are free ways to boost your chances of success. Choose what works best for you.

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Quitting tobacco is a great choice. If you're ready, these tools and tips are proven to make your quit more successful.

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