Quit Tips


You hear lots of tips about quitting tobacco. Here are 10 of the most useful:

  1. Set a quit date and make a quit plan.
  2. Tell family, friends and co-workers about your quit plan, and ask for their support.
  3. Talk to your doctor. They can give you advice, resources, and medication.
  4. Throw out all tobacco and related products (ash trays, lighters) from your home, work, and car.
  5. Put sugar free gum or hard candy in all the places you used to keep tobacco. They help with cravings.
  6. Exercise and get outside.
  7. Brush your teeth often.
  8. Get rid of the smell of tobacco in your home and car by washing, vacuuming and cleaning the drapes, carpets, and walls.
  9. Avoid places and people that involve smoking.
  10. Take deep breaths; if you can wait just five minutes, a craving usually passes.

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