Talk To Your Doctor

You are 2-3X more likely to quit with the help of a healthcare provider

Doctors, dentists and other medical staff can provide you with the tips and tools necessary for success. Quitting can also help other health issues improve.

Be prepared to talk about quitting at your next appointment. Make some notes about:

  • When/where you smoke
  • How you feel before and after you smoke
  • Other times and ways you have tried to quit
  • What concerns you have about quitting

Some helpful questions may include:

  • Is medication right for me?*
  • How do I use patches/gum/lozenges?
  • What are the side effects I may experience?
  • Are there free resources available?
  • How can I change my lifestyle to stay quit?
  • How can friends and family help?
  • How often should we discuss my progress?

*A doctor can give you prescription medication that helps with cravings. (