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How To Quit

Quitting is Hard

Tobacco is more than an addiction, it’s a lifestyle. But, QUITTING IS POSSIBLE. People quit every day. It might take 5 tries or 15 before you quit for good; what matters is that you don’t quit quitting. These 5 tips are useful for managing cravings and avoiding triggers when you are trying to quit.

Remember the 5 D's


Wait it out, urges to smoke typically pass in about 3 to 5 minutes.


Keep busy. Do something you like that will keep your mind off smoking.

Drink Water

It satisfies cravings and helps your body get rid of nicotine.

Deep Breaths

Slow, deep breaths will help you relax and make it through cravings.


Talk with family and friends for support.

Quitting tobacco is a great choice. If you're ready, these tools and tips are proven to make your quit more successful.

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Tobacco affects more than the user; it affects everyone around them. Find ways to support your loved one's quit attempts here.

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